City explorer

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Ever wondered what hidden gems you can find in your neighborhood? When in a new city, do you always avoid main routes and are fascinated by street art, neons, unusual facades, modernistic fountains, or even fruit markets offering a choice of local food?

No matter if you're up for a whole day of sightseeing; arrived 30mins early for a meeting and want to relax with a quick walk; follow a 10,000 steps daily routine; or you and your pet want to turn your usual walk into an epic adventure in search of new places....

Save yourself time and frustration of handpicking your next destination, configure your walking distance and... let us Surprise you.

Just give it a try and feel how different your perception of the city jungle becomes, while you're on route to a mystery place. See how many new details you spot, while thinking "Have I arrived yet? Could this be it?"

#SaveThePlanet, the team behind Surprise me, recommends you take a walk, rollerblade, skateboard, or rent a bike or e-scooter to explore the city.

And remember, Life's about the journey, not the destination.